Commercial Services

CSS provides unmatched commercial support services for your organization’s needs. We maintain and manage facilities and infrastructure for a variety of customer missions including R&D, manufacturing, testing and sustaining operations. Combined with our over twenty-years experience supporting a varied customer base, CSS has an extensive facility portfolio.



With various types of facilities on our resume, we are prepared. We have and still maintain facilities like the Space Life Science Laboratory located at the Kennedy Space Center area. This laboratory is an impressive combination of research and technology occupants from government, commercial, and academia-industry. Our operational & maintenance crew has continually maintained the SLSL’s 30 science labs and 6 hardware labs, office and conference space, and 14 environmental growth and simulation chambers.

Business Park


Our crew has assisted in the developmental projects of several future multi-functional buildings, these experiences gives us more insight and opportunity to continue growth. Blue Origin’s rocket manufacturing campus, Airbus-One Web’s satellite manufacturing site are just two of the commercial space activities constructing at Exploration Park on Kennedy Space Center. Supported by CSS, Exploration Parks I & II have become the symbol for the growing of a rapidly evolving commercial space program. Manufacturing, engineering, and ground support facilities are painting a new space and technology picture on these campuses.



From servers and storage systems to client workstation support, CSS provides next-generation IT architecture that empowers your organization. CSS system administrators strive to find the various paths to improving infrastructures so reaching your goal of high efficiency and superior quality is more than affordable. Our IT Operations Service Center provides state-of-the-art capabilities for effectively managing large volumes of data in an extremely secure and reliable environment. Our software developers have won numerous awards from our customers. Systems designed by CSS have been installed in more than 500 commercial and government facilities.


Our Experience

Full-service laboratories and office buildings, CSS delivers onsite Operations, Facility, IT, Environmental, Health & Safety, and Cyber & Industrial Security solutions. The facilities we manage are dedicated to exploring science and engineering in support of the United States’ commercial space program and other research & development programs.

Our Mission

We aim to deliver uncontested high-quality solutions for all of your organization’s needs. Whether it’s janitorial services and HVAC maintenance or environmental, health and safety management, CSS has you covered. Our mission is to use our diversity in all fields to help you succeed.



Here at CSS, we are very much involved with our customers and focus on building a lasting relationship. To provide this we seek to implement strong communication, loyalty and integrity with our employees. With these tactics of building a solid business relationship, success is inevitable. 

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