Government Services

CSS provides support services for the operation, maintenance, engineering and compliance of assigned facilities, systems, equipment and utilities for government agencies. Our employees successfully face the challenges of supporting the operation of a complex mixture of new and aging infrastructure along with large variety of intricate systems and mission specific equipment while ensuring programmatic milestones, readiness for launches, compliance with environmental regulations and demonstrating pollution prevention. We continuously provide safe, efficient, flexible and innovative services to meet our client’s vision.



CSS can implement and perform day to day building maintenance, testing and inspection. Environmental, Health & Safety control and management. General and specialized custodial services. Planning and execution of preventive maintenance programs to provide optimum efficiency and operational capacity. CSS provides an end-to-end solution that integrates strategy, technology, and implementation capabilities for all of our services.



CSS’s diverse support under NASA ISC includes environmental planning and compliance, master planning, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), administration of real property, space allocation and utilization, facility condition assessments, energy management and IT security. In addition, CSS personnel takes an active role in bringing awareness to legislators on the significance of the aerospace industry and the impact on the economy.

Expert Level


CSS has tailored facility site services for each organization. We provide master planning, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Real Property, space utilization & space allocation, facility management programs, energy & sustainability, and asset management. With our planning and administration solutions, we meet a customer’s goal with an expert level of efficiency.


Assessments & Development

CSS can implement and perform a Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) program that enforces an appropriate maintenance policy and fosters timely implementation of corrective actions before deterioration affects mission capabilities and requires major repairs. CSS develops and maintains scaled 3D facility floor-plan CAD drawings as they are built or modified, assigns and tracks space utilization for the customer, coordinates moves of equipment and personnel and assists with updating personnel location information to provide means for emergency services.

Project Management Support

We specialize in helping government clients solve complex problems with simplified solutions in, Environmental, Health & Safety, Property Management, preventive maintenance and Site Design & integration services.


Customer Service

CSS is deeply committed to the various US Government Departments both current and future – We offer a high level of performance through extensive experience and expertise.

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