Laboratory Services

Experiment Services, also known as Commercial Research Support Services (CRSS), is a service provided by CSS. CRSS is a science-based professional services enterprise with a reputation as an industry leader and innovator in life sciences, space programs, also science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. Since 1995, our support services have provided research support to over 170 payloads bound for space. By providing fully-integrated flight and ground science processing, we aim to recreate your laboratory away from home during the critical pre-flight and post-landing phases of on-orbit microgravity research.

Research Support


With a wealth of experience, CSS is uniquely positioned to support researchers. We provide engineering and science support for pre-launch, flight, post-landing, and ground analog research. With this innovating spirit, CSS will provide adaptive support as we propel into the next era of commercial orbital and suborbital research. We manage and provide multi-tenant facilities with laboratory space, Environmental Growth Chambers, and clean room availability.

Experiment Services


CSS has an on-site laboratory manager to interface with customers who need preflight, in-flight, and post-flight ground support services through the labs at the Space Life Sciences Laboratory. Our laboratory manager has extensive experience directly supporting ground science processing of biological payloads including implementation of customer requirements, coordinating and organizing laboratories for customers who need to recreate their laboratory closer to the launch site.

Payload Support


CSS has processed scientific payloads for more than 60 NASA Space Transportation System missions to the International Space Station or as Space Shuttle mid-deck experiments in low-earth orbit. This including fabricating, testing and qualifying flight hardware; training crew; implementing Flight and Ground Safety processes; and conducting Preliminary Design, Critical Design and Science Readiness Reviews; Science Verification Tests, Payload Verification Tests, and real-time mission support.


Fully Supported Services

Our CSS Concierge will support your pre-launch, post-landing, and ground-control operations at KSC, CCAFS, and spaceports throughout the United States. We are able to provide mobile and fixed laboratory operations, animal and plant research services, dedicated ground safety and quality assurance.

Project Management

Management and oversight of wet labs, clean rooms and light fabrication including lab equipment configuration and utilization. Development and execution of experiment and flight, manifest requirements in support of ISS National Laboratory R&D.


Customer Service

We put our Customers first and create a laboratory environment that successfully supports their space flight research needs. We truly Understand what a spaceflight customer needs because we have been there ourselves by doing research in space. We embrace Professionalism and seek Excellence in everything we do.

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