Commercial Services

CSS operates and maintains specialized facilities including large airfields, clean rooms, multi-function laboratories, research parks and much more.

Laboratory Services

CSS provides research support to clients looking to be near spaceport areas of the United States. We host laboratories and have specialized equipment for your projects.

Government Services

CSS manages various federal and state government contracts. We provide our clients with subject matter experts and quality services in a competitive market.

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Space Life Sciences Laboratory

This laboratory is an impressive combination of research and technology occupants from government, commercial, and academia-industry. The lab boasts 30 science labs and 6 hardware labs, office and conference space, and 14 environmental growth and simulation chambers. Features such as shared laboratory equipment, workshop, chemical pharmacy, and walk-in cold rooms provide added support to the tenant community. Reception, security, environmental, health & safety, IT, and property management services maintain a consistency and responsiveness to tenant needs.